Your favorite tools don’t always work for every project, but our auger adapters can make them work for most of them. Made in the USA from high grade steel, our adaptor accessories make your equipment that much more functional.

Need to start boring with a pilot but it just won’t fit? Throw on one of our pilot drill adapters and try it again.

Are lugs the issue? Try one of our drive lugs – we bet it’ll help out.

Available in a variety of diameters and lengths, we’ve got auger adapters to fit almost every stinger bit we sell. And with most orders packed and shipped the day they’re placed, we’ll have you back drilling in no time. With 50+ years in business, it’s no wonder Jiffy is the go-to adapter source for pipe, trench, and all other digging needs.

  • 141L
  • 141M
  • ADB125
    Pilot Bit Holder
  • ADB175
    Pilot Bit Holder
  • ADB175A
    Pilot Bit Holder
  • ADB250
    Pilot Bit Holder
  • ADB275
    Pilot Bit Holder
  • TX183
    pilot bit adapter
  • WPB6
    Pilot Bit Holder
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