Auger Bits For Dirt

Auger Bits For Dirt Jiffy Dallas carries a great selection of auger bits for dirt, so you’ll find what you’re looking for without searching the entire Internet for your bits. Jiffy Dallas understands the need for a diverse range of bits for the range of surface their customers are working with, which is why they carry auger bits for dirt, concrete, rock and more.

Jiffy Dallas carries bullet bits for every job, some with tungsten carbide tips for superior lasting ability. Take a closer look at some of the options you’ll find when shopping the website:

- The C21HD is not a light duty bit. This Kennametal .74 inch conical bullet bit has been heat-treated for performance. Its tungsten body had a carbide tip for longer life This product is a heavy duty design manufactured for angering in extreme hard rock and concrete conditions.

- C24. Searching for auger bits for dirt? You’ll find the C24 to be ideal. The Kennametal .74 inch conical bullet bit is the perfect tool for easy penetration in soft material.

- C31 .99 inch diameter conical bullet bit, heat-treated tungsten body with sharp nose 3/8 carbide tip for more power and long life. Use the C3 for angering in soft to hard rock and concrete, this bit will also fit Pengo Pressure Digger rock augers.

- C1HDSR has a heat-treated alloy steel body with a double-angle tip for superior strength. This Kennametal tungsten carbide tipped conical bullet bit is perfect for heavy duty drilling conditions including rock and concrete.

- C31HD auger bits for dirt are .99 inch bullet bits that have a heat-treated steel body with a sharp nosed carbide tip. C31HD is used for most soils and broken or laminated rock.

- C21, a very popular product on, is a heat-treated .74 inch alloy steel bullet bit with a sharp nosed 5/16 inch carbide tip that is quite useful in most cutting conditions but proves to be exceptionally useful in soft to medium-hard material.

- TS8X is a step-shank bullet bit long special treat used for drilling and tunnel boring in the most extreme hard cutting conditions. You’ll find the TS8X at a great price on

- C41 Kennametal C4-1 bullet bit, 6.36 inches long with a 1.48 inch diameter step-shank. The C4 has a heat-treated steel body with a sharp nose carbide tip for more power and long life, used for angering in extreme conditions only for large diameter, extra HD augers.

- C4, for use only on large diameter, extra HD augers, this sharp nose carbide tipped bullet bit has a heat-treated steel body and includes a retainer clip.

You’ll find the absolute best selection of auger bits for dirt, rock, concrete and other materials online at Jiffy Dallas, where high quality is always the first consideration. To speak with a specialist about any of the auger bits or other products found on the website, feel free to call 877-838-0102.
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