For large scale, heavy duty drilling, you need a Kelly bar adapter, also known as a Kelly box. Kelly bars can’t easily be broken down into sections when you need to change equipment, and who wants to waste valuable man hours when you’ve got a job to get done? By using a Kelly box, you can more quickly change out tools and get back to work.

Jiffy Dallas is known for our great selection, and with so many Kelly bars out there, we’ve always got the adapter to match. We’ve got kelly boxes with and without holes, in a variety of diameters, and we even carry some hex boxes. Whatever your rig or type of work, you’ll find our Kelly bar adapters help you get more done in less time. And when you’re saving time, you’re saving money!

  • B250
    2 1/2" Kelly box
  • B3
    Square Hub
  • DB225
    2 1/4" hex drive hub
  • DB250
    Kelly Box.
  • DB300
    Kelly Box.
  • DB350
    Kelly Box.
  • DB400
    Kelly Box.
  • DB425
    Kelly Box.
  • DB525
    Kelly Box.
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