If you’ve spent any time doing serious drilling, you know how valuable a pilot bit can be. Large drill bits can be hard to start boring with, going through too big of an area to get a tight, solid hole started. By opting for a smaller pilot bit to start your hole at the correct size, you save valuable working time and make your drilling that much easier.

Whatever kind of pilot bit you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Jiffy Dallas. Spiral and 2-fork Stingers, 4-point pilot bits with male square drive, 2 blade bits – we’ve got it all, and all made from top quality steel in the USA. Holes don’t dig themselves and you can’t wait around for a week for the right part. Call Jiffy today and you’ll have your pilot bit fitted and boring before you know it!

  • SB35
    3.5 inch Pilot Bit Assembly
  • SB35SQ
    Pilot Bit.
  • SB45
    4 1/2" pilot bit assembly
  • SB50
    5 inch Pilot Bit Assembly
  • SB60
    6" pilot bit assembly
  • SB70
    7" pilot bit assembly
  • T5X
    High Quality Step Shank
  • TF350
    3" blade bit used from dirt drilling
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