Trencher and auger teeth are what we’re most known for, and for good reason – they’re made in the USA from high quality steel, they last forever, and we get them to you FAST! We know you can’t sit around waiting on teeth for your Buckeye Speicher or whatever trencher you prefer, and we don’t either – most orders are shipped out the day they’re received.

What separates Jiffy’s trencher teeth from the rest? Besides our superior quality, it’s our selection. From the classic 60 – a drilling industry standard – to special excavation teeth with ears, you’ll find it all here. Many also feature carbide coatings to extend their life and maximize force in tough conditions. Whatever type of work your auger’s doing, our drilling teeth can make it that much easier.

  • 211
    Heat Treated Dirt tooth.
  • 211C
    Tungsten Carbide Tooth.
  • 35
    Dirt tooth.
  • 35C
    35 with Carbide added.
  • 35G
    35 Outside Gauge Tooth.
  • 35P
  • 35PCB
    Incisor with roof top carbide tips.
  • 4050
    Bolt Fastener
  • 53
    Small tapered fit tooth
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