Jiffy Dallas provides parts and service to the drilling and trenching industry throughout the United States and Canada.  The top name in the foundation drilling business since 1947, Jiffy parts set the bar for high-end augers, bits and earth contacting parts.  We're the industry go to for auger parts online.

Jiffy specializes in foundation and piling drilling products, including quick-change points and weld-on pockets for earth augers. Jiffy manufactures and sells custom teeth augmented with tungsten carbide to provide you cutting surfaces that last up to ten times longer than standard tooth and bit replacements.

Jiffy makes its quick-change points and weld-on pockets from high-strength alloy steel heat treated to ensure the products:

     .  last a long time

     .  pay for themselves many times over

     .  always fit right

Jiffy forges instead of casting their teeth.  The proprietary process produces stronger steel and extended wear capability. Jiffy quick-change points revolutionized the foundation drilling business by significantly cutting downtime at job sites. 

To better accommodate customer needs, In 2003 and 2004 Jiffy tweaked its product's dimensions by reengineering the teeth on the quick-change points. A few simple changes dramatically increased overall drilling efficiency and effectiveness.  Drill teeth adjustments improved dig radius and surface area, thereby giving the points a better value. Because we inspect these drill teeth by hand, each one receives individual attention to ensure the superior quality that underlies your guarantee.

Jiffy buys and sells primarily American-made products because of Robb's insistence on superior quality and craftsmanship. This obsession with quality and "fit" sets Jiffy Dallas apart from its competitors. When you buy from Jiffy you may rest assured that your parts will fit and that you support the U.S. economy.

Foundations are one of the most important parts of any building structure, and as such, Jiffy Dallas has put over 60 years of commitment into manufacturing top-quality products to get the job done. Foundation drilling allows for manmade structures to be built around just about any geological feature; from deserts to mountaintops, foundation drilling has paved the way for homes, roads, bridges, and skyscrapers to be built on almost any surface safely.

Jiffy provides the preferred tooth for pipeline and trenching projects.  Customers come back again and again after trying inferior substitutes because Jiffy teeth fit better and last longer.

Company owner, Robb Green, became interested in Jiffy because of its reputation for excellent service and superior part materials and quality in the industry.  He acquired the company in November, 2000 and works hard to maintain its commitment to excellence and quality in all facets of the business.  Robb understands the importance of customers, suppliers, distributors and service providers and treats everyone with integrity and care.

Call us with any question or comment.  If the person who answers the phone doesn't know the answer to your question, Robb probably will.

Special Note:  If you want to buy more or less than the "minimum" quantity of a part listed on the web site, call us!  We set Minimum Order Quantities on many Jiffy parts simply because the "standard" or "minimum" quantity fits neatly in a box size that results in the most efficient and least expensive shipping.  The fact that you can't put non-box quantities on web orders doesn't mean you can't get them; it's just that off-size quantities are best handled on the phone by one of Jiffy's product experts. Of equal importance, we like talking with our customers!  It helps you get EXACTLY what you need at the best possible price, and that makes you and Jiffy happy.