Our Auger Supplies

Auger Adapters

Need to make a new auger fit with your machinery? No problem! Jiffy Dallas has auger adapters and wear parts in just about every size and configuration imaginable. We have auger adapters for both direct drive and planetary drive augers.  We have adapters that will work on your 2-9/16” drive head, or your 2” hex drive. We most likely have an auger adapter that will work with your older, second-hand auger if it doesn’t match up with your drive unit. We strive to be the best, most reliable supplier of USA-made auger bit adapters with the best customer service you will find anywhere.


Auger Bits

Auger bits are probably the most important part of a construction job to get right. You have to select the proper bit for the surface you are working on. Don’t choose a regular, heavy duty auger bit for abrasive ground, unless you want to stop work frequently to check and replace your auger’s wear parts. For example, a heavy-duty McMillen auger bit’s bolts will quickly wear down with the constant friction from drilling in sand, gravel or other abrasive surfaces. You can’t use a dirt bit to dig in broken rock. You will be stopping constantly to change out wear parts on the auger bit. Better to invest in the right auger bit for the surface than to lose time on the job. 

Jiffy Dallas is proud to offer a wide selection of auger bits from manufacturers like Irwin, Bobcat and McMillen. Call us today at (877) 838-0102 and we can help you find the right auger bit for your job. 


Auger Teeth

Auger teeth replacement is a chore no construction crew enjoys. We try to make it a little easier for you by offering a full selection of replacement auger teeth online at JiffyDallas.com. We know many of you like to make auger teeth replacements with US made parts and we try to accommodate that. Most of our selection of high quality auger parts are American made.

If you’re drilling in rock, you’ll soon need new rock teeth for augers. It’s just that simple. Failing to replace worn rock teeth can lead to damage of the tooth pocket on the bit, which is a costly repair. Damaged or worn rock teeth on an auger bit may not turn freely or may wear unevenly, which will affect the way their performance. When you need new rock teeth for augers, call Jiffy Dallas. We have a large selection of replacement teeth of all types including weld-on, bolt-on, and pocket teeth. Jiffy Dallas has the wear parts for augers that you need to get you back on the job fast!  Our helpful customer service agents will help determine which parts you need and get your order processed quickly and efficiently. When you need wear parts for augers, call us at (877) 838-0102.