Frequently Asked Questions

Teeth and Other Products

What tooth goes with what pocket? How do you figure this out?

If you can find the part, tooth, or the pocket you're after - All related parts that fit together will be listed in the "related parts" field in each item's detail.

Why should I use carbide teeth?

Carbide is almost as hard as a diamond.  Carbide tipped auger teeth will cut hard materials and last up to ten times longer than those without it.  This saves you money in the long run because of their overall durability. 

How long will a tooth last? How many holes can I dig per tooth?

Although we get this question a lot, the answer, "it depends" is the only truthful answer.  It's all about the material you're drilling into, its abrasiveness, downward force applied to the part, rotational speed, heat buildup, and other variables specific to your drilling / trenching need.  The harder, more fracturable the material being drilled, the fewer holes per part and the shorter the lifespan of the teeth.  Put simply, are you cutting soft clay or concrete? Cutting into soft clay will let you teeth last longer than concrete.

Why buy US-made versus foreign-made parts?

Other than the obvious, "it helps the US economy".  Quality, pride, attention to detail, speed and cost to deliver in many countries outside the United States simply doesn't measure up to what's "normal" and "expected" in the US.  This has been changing over the last ten years, but by and large - US made parts remain the superior alternative.

What if I don't see what I'm looking for on your website?

Call us at (877) 838-0102, fill out the contact form, or email us at If we don't answer, leave a message and we'll call you back as fast as we can. Whether we sell you anything or not, "customer service" means something at Jiffy. Let us prove it!

Can you send me a products catalog?

We don't produce print catalogs. Jiffy's website IS our product catalog.

How do I search for parts and supplies if I just have an old part?

The search box on Jiffy's website can take part numbers or names from virtually any manufacturer and compare it to everything in Jiffy's product catalog to find a match. If we tell you more, you might be able reverse engineer it - So… that's all we have to say about that. That said, if you'll take a few photos of what you're looking for and email them to along with a phone number where we can reach you, someone will call you back as quickly as possible and we'll do a Sherlock Holmes with you.

Is everything you sell made in USA?

Mostly yes, but we've been asked by some of our customers for "imported" substitutes. This being the case, we responded by acquiring, stocking and reselling a few imported items. It is our intention to ALWAYS offer American made parts, because time has taught us that what's cheap today doesn't stay cheap, and that's exactly what's happening. In the long run, America's innate attention to supply and demand keeps making "American Made" the most economical alternative.

Do you rebuild parts?

Generally, no. However, we will custom modify, enhance and improve some parts if it's a win-win proposition.

Do you sell augers?

Yes we do. We don't stock them as a rule, but can find them for you if that makes good sense. Call Jiffy with your specs at (877) 838-0102 - let's talk.

Do you sell Kelly bars?


What brands of equipment do you sell parts for?

ABI Geodrill, Atlas-Copco, Barber-Greene, Bradco Trencher, Bauer, Boart Longyear, Capitol, Caterpillar, Cleveland, Comacchio, Cross Country Pipeline, Dawson, Delmag, Eagle, Epiroc, ETI (Equipment Technology, llc), Ingersol-Rand, Jeffrey, Jetco, Junttan, Koehring, Lodrill, Lowe, Parsons, Pengo, Reedrill, Rocksaw, Soiltec, Speicher, Spiradrill, Talon, Terex, Tesmec, Texoma, Towner, Trencor, Vermeer, Wolfe to name a few.

That said, new companies enter the foundation drilling market and older ones leave due to acquisition/rebranding or other reasons. Basically, if you're drilling or boring a foundation or caisson "hole", or trenching a ditch call us at (877) 838-0102. We promise clear, concise consulting. If we can help you, we will - if not, we'll tell you straight up and probably recommend you to some one who can get you fixed up.

Can you match part numbers if all I know is the equipment make and model that uses it?

It's a good start, but we don't have manufacturer's part books, or catalogs and descriptions for all the parts used for drilling and trenching. Send multiple pictures. Take measurements. Give us a call. We've been doing this since 1947!

What's the easiest way to match a part?

Send more than one picture from different angles. Text or email them to

What if parts I order from Jiffy won't fit?

Call us and we'll make it right. The fact that Jiffy parts almost ALWAYS fit is a major reason we've stayed in business for more than 70 years, and THE MAIN REASON many Jiffy customers won't buy from anyone else.

How do I check to see about volume discounts?

Let's start a long-term relationship. Call us at (877) 838-0102. If we don't answer, leave a message and we'll call you back as fast as we can. If you want to establish a more "permanent" volume discount, we can make that happen if you want to log in to the Jiffy website to make your purchases.

What industries does Jiffy specialize in?

Agriculture, Caisson, Fencing, Foundation, Horizontal Boring, Water Drilling / trenching, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) niches.

How do you know what to recommend if I call in with a hole digging problem?

Experience. Jiffy specializes in "ground engaging" and "wear parts" for caisson, foundation, horizontal boring drilling/trenching equipment. We can tell immediately whether and how we can help you as soon as you tell us what kind of hole you want. We've helped people from Alaska to New Zealand.

What's Jiffy's return policy?

If Jiffy products don't work as promised and there's no abuse involved, you can return "Jiffy stocked" items in originally shipped condition within 30 days for a full refund.

Do you sell only Jiffy brand products?

No. We offer complimentary or similar parts from other manufacturers, like Pengo, Kennametal, Terex, and more.

Do I have to order nails with my teeth?

Most Jiffy teeth come with nails in every box unless customers tell us they don't want them. Call us at (877) 838-0102
and let us know.


Shipping, Checkout, and More

Why do you only allow / use FedEx shipping?

Actually, we'll ship your parts to you however you'd like.  Allowing only FedEx option on the website is for your convenience - It's fast and easy. Fact is, Jiffy picks the most effective and least cost shipping method before it ships ANYTHING. By offering only FedEx we're simplifying your decision making process. On large orders you must first contact us to discuss specific shipping instructions - gives us a call at (877) 838-0102.

Why can't I split ship and send things to more than one address?

You can. We just need you to create separate orders for each ship to address. Truth is - we'll ship your parts however you'd like.  We do this for your convenience - complex shipping requests are difficult to enable within a website. Call us and you'll discover Jiffy picks the most effective and least cost shipping method before it ships ANYTHING. On large orders, we'll appreciate your call to discuss your specific shipping needs - We're here from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm Central Standard time at: (877) 838-0102.

What if your online checkout doesn't look 'right' to me?

Call us at (877) 838-0102, fill out the contact form at or email us at If we don't answer, leave a message and we'll call you back as fast as we can.

How long has Jiffy been in business?

Incorporated in 1947. More than 70 years.

How come I haven't heard about Jiffy until now?

Robb Green bought Jiffy in 2000.  When purchased, Jiffy had no electronic (internet/web/email - you name it) presence.  Since then Mr. Green's worked diligently to bring the company into the Information Age.

When do you open and close? What are Jiffy's operating hours?

8:00 AM until 4:30 PM Central Standard Time unless agreed upon otherwise. That said, Jiffy's more interested in excellent customer service than watching the clock or TGIF.

What if I don't like your shipping options?

Call us at (877) 838-0102. If we don't answer, leave a message and we'll call you back as fast as we can.

What's the best way to communicate with you?

For the fastest turnaround, call us at (877) 838-0102. Generally though, whichever communication method works best for you: email, or fill out the contact form, or come into the office at 2647 Brenner Drive in Dallas, TX.

Why does Jiffy's website search tool work so much better than everyone else's?

We put a lot of thought, design and effort into building a website based on our customer's wants and needs. From what we're told, we did a good job. Thanks for asking.

What's Jiffy's unique selling proposition?

Commitment to quality. Jiffy makes a point of inspecting each part, grinding or smoothing rough edges, filling holes, etc. Tested, proven materials and engineering specifications. Obsessive commitment to details whether obvious or not.